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Volume 9 Issue 6

International Journal of  Engineering Sciences & Emerging Technologies

ISSN: 2231 – 6604

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S. No. Title of Manuscript Authors Page Nos. Online
1. Sink Relocation For Network Lifetime Enhancement in WSN: A Survey Kratika Varshney, Shuchita Saxena 208-214 PDF
2. Classification of Fetal Abnormalities using Artificial Neural Network K. Purushotham Prasad, Dr B. Anuradha 215-224 PDF
3. Integrated Model for Handling Abnormal Network Connections using Parallelizing K-Means (PKM) Clustering and Big Data Processing Tool (SPARK) Ahmed Fuad Al-Dubai, Vikas T. Humbe, Santosh S. Chowhan 225-234 PDF
4. Reduction in Environmental Problems using Agricultural Solid Waste in Reactive Powder Concrete- A Review S.Minu Gopika, P. Magudeswaran, Dr. Eswaramoorthi P 235-242 PDF
5. Extended Euclidean Algorithm for GOPPA Code Ajay Kumar 243-252 PDF