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Special Issue Proposal of IJESET

International Journal of  Engineering Sciences & Emerging Technologies

ISSN: 2231 – 6604

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The editors of IJESET welcome proposals for special electronic issues on topics that fall within the scope of the journal. Special issues of IJESET should offer either an authoritative review of current thinking and debates in a particular area of Engineering Sciences and Emerging Technologies, that at the same time takes these debates forward and/or a presentation of state-of-the-art analysis within an area of current approach and academic interest.

Our special issue editors can choose any topic of their interest related to the scope of the journal and request the editor to publish a special issue on that topic. The special issue editors are responsible for reviewing the special issue papers, and supply final versions to the journal editorial office for publication. Special issues are published online. Full texts of all articles will appear in various indexing services of IAET. Special issue papers are charged in a group rate.

IJESET Copyright Policy

Call for Special Issue Proposal
The proposals should include:
1. A working title, an overview of the topics, aims and scope.
2. CV and list of publications of the special issue editors.

3. An estimated number of articles to be published, and if possible, list of potential authors and titles of manuscripts.
4. Indicate the time-scale in which the special issue could be produced (paper writing, reviewing, and submission of final copies to IJESET) assuming the proposal is accepted.

Once a proposal has been approved in principle by IJESET, it is the responsibility of the Guest Editor(s) to deliver the soft copy of entire issue to IJESET within the agreed time-scale. Guest Editors must organize a reviewing process for all papers submitted for inclusion in the special issue, so as to:

• Identify those papers to be finally included in the special issue
• Strengthen these papers, so as to ensure the highest possible standards for the issue.

Call for Papers IJESET