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Volume 8 Issue 5

International Journal of  Engineering Sciences & Emerging Technologies

ISSN: 2231 – 6604

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Volume 8 Issue 5 (March - 2016)

S. No. Title of Manuscript Authors Page Nos. Online
1. Development of Wireless Gas Sensing System for Home Safety T.H.Mujawar, M.S.Kasbe, S.S.Mule and L.P.Deshmukh 213-221 PDF
2. Development of Labview Based Electronic Nose to Determine the Quality of Food M.S. Kasbe, T.H. Mujawar, S.S. Mule, L.P. Deshmukh, A.D. Shaligram 222-228 PDF
3. Gesture Based Carrozzella using Android Vipulkumar V. Parmar, Sunilkumar L. Rohit, Ahejazhusain S. Patel, Sanjaykumar R. Chandel 229-233 PDF
4. Microcontroller Based Blood Glucose Meter: Design and Development S.S.Mule, T.H.Mujawar, M.S.Kasbe, and L.P.Deshmukh 234-239 PDF
5. CFD Analysis for Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger for Waste Heat Recovery Process Nishant Moona, Ajay Kumar Singh 240-248 PDF