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Volume 8 Issue 3

International Journal of  Engineering Sciences & Emerging Technologies

ISSN: 2231 – 6604

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Volume 8 Issue 3 (November - 2015)

S. No. Title of Manuscript Authors Page Nos. Online
1. A Review of Spectrum Hole Prediction Schemes Bara'u Gafai Najashi, Mohammed Dikko Almustapha, Abdulmaleek J. Momoh, Mohammed Bashir Abdulrazak 72-79 PDF
2. An Advanced Approach on Optical Character Recognition and Speech Generation Ashima Sindhu Mohanty, Subhrajit Pradhan, Akshya Ku Sahoo 80-87 PDF
3. Dredged Offshore Sand as a Replacement for Fine Aggregate in Concrete Girish C. G, Tensing D and Priya K. L 88-95 PDF
4. Comparative Study on Various Selection Methods in Genetic Algorithm Chandra Akash Kiran, Deepak Xaxa 96-103 PDF
5. Application of Taguchi Method for Optimization of Parameters in Mitigation of Stress Concentration Factor of a Thin Rectangular Plate Under in-Plane Loading Sandeep R. Kambale, Sachin R. Kamble, U.D.Gulhane 104-112 PDF
6. Increasing Transmission Line Strength using Single Walled Nano-Tube Mohammad Shazid 113-115 PDF
7. Effect of Perturbation Factor and Solidity on Performance Analysis of Wind Turbine Vikas Shende, Abhishek Jain, Prashant Baredar, Prabhash Jain 116-129 PDF
8. Osmotic Drying Rate Estimation For Aloe Vera Slices using Artificial Neural Network Shekhar L. Pandharipande, Amod D. Parkhi 130-139 PDF
9. PLM Implementation Effects in Heavy Engineering Industry: A Case Study Gangaprasad S. Shirale, Rajesh B. Buktar 140-149 PDF
10. Performance of DSTATCOM with Five Level Inverter for Harmonics Mitigation Mukund Mahagaonkar, D.S. Chavan 150-157 PDF
11. SELF.M.A.TE Wheelchair Nilay Chowdhury, Prashali Sharma and Tanay Chowdhury 158-165 PDF
12. Effect of Preheating of Inlet Air to Study the Performance & Exhaust Emission of IC Engine: A Review Atulkumar Suthar, V. Y Gajjar, Pravin D. Solanki 166-170 PDF
13. A Hexagon Shaped 24 Channel Phased Array RF Surface Coil for 1.5 Tesla MRI Applications Thiyagarajan Krishnan, Kesavamurthy Thangavelu 171-176 PDF