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S. No.

Title of Manuscript & Author(s)           Page No.
    1. Enhancement of Bandwidth of Rectangular Patch Antenna using Two 1 - 12
Square Slots Techniques

Patil V. P.

    2. Implementation of Load Following in Multi Area Hydrothermal System under 13 - 21
Restructured Environment

A. Suresh Babu, Ch.Saibabu, S.Sivanagaraju

    3. Control and Monitoring of an Efficient Traffic Congestion System 22 - 29

Muzhir Shaban Al-Ani & ShireenY.khazneh

    4. Optimization of AGC Parameters in the Restructured Power System Environment 30 - 40
using GA

Vijay Rohilla, K. P. Singh Parmar, Sanju Saini

    5. Development of a Web-based Questions Authoring and Management System 41 - 49

Jaemu Lee, Kyung-Tae Park

    6. Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Distribution Feeder Reconfiguration 50 - 59
with Distributed Generation

G.V.K Murthy, Sivanagaraju, S. Satyanarayana, B. Hanumantha Rao

    7. Evolving Green Aviation Transport System: A Hoilistic Approach to Sustainable 60 - 80
Green Market Development

A. N. Sarkar   **

    8. A Geometric Programming based Model for Cost Minimization of Turning 81 - 89
Process with Experimental Validation

S. S. K. Deepak

    9. Design and Implementation of 120 Order FIR Filter based on FPGA 90 - 97

B. Mamatha, V.V.S.V.S. Ramachandram

    10. Experimental Comparative Study between Performance and Emissions 98 - 112
of Jatropha Biodiesel and Diesel under varying Injection Pressures

P. Suresh Kumar, Ramesh Kumar Donga, P. K. Sahoo

** Removed form the database due to non receipt of necessary documents.

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