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S. No.

Title of Manuscript              Page No.
  1. Investigating the Effects of Disc Insulator Type and Corona Ring on Voltage 1 - 8
Distribution over 230-KV Insulator String Using 3-D FEM
Ebrahim Akbari, Mohammad Mirzaie

  2. Comparative Performance of High Speed Networks Carrying Multimedia 9 - 21
Ehab Aziz Khalil

  3. Thermal based Intelligent Traffic Light Control System 22 - 27
P. JagannadhaRao, P. BhavyaManjeera, V. Sridevi

  4. Effect of Silica Fume on Strength and Durability Parameters of Concrete 28 - 35
N. K. Amudhavalli, Jeena Mathew

  5. Performance Analysis of Implicit De-Registration Strategies for Single 36 - 45
and Multi-HLR Architecture
Sarvpal H. Singh, Vijay Kumar

  6. Cross-Layer Based QoS Routing (CLBQR) Protocol Analysis based on Data 46 - 53
Flow for 802.16 WiMAX Networks
A.Maheswara Rao, S.Varadarajan, M.N.Giri Prasad

  7. LLR Enhancement Model for a Turbo Equalizer 54 - 62
Aruna Tripathy

  8. Review on Internal Combustion Engine Vibrations and Mountings 63 - 73
T. Ramachandran, K. P. Padmanaban

  9. Quantifying the Technical Performance of the Process in System Engineering 74 - 80
using an LPP
M.Karthika, X.Joshphin Jasaline Anitha, K.Alagarsamy

  10. CFD Simulations of Benzene –Toluene System over Sieve Tray 81 - 89
Sumit Singh

  11. Top-Down Approach Process Built on Conceptual Design to Physical Design 90 - 96
using LIS, GCS Schema
Ajay B. Gadicha, A. S. Alvi, Vijay B. Gadicha, S. M. Zaki

  12. A Risk-Driven Procedure for Reengineering Process Transformation using XP 97 - 103
Joshphin Jasaline Anitha, M. Karthika, K. Alagarsamy   **

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