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International Journal of  Engineering Sciences & Emerging Technologies

ISSN: 2231 – 6604

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IJESET Research Data Conservation and Retention Program (RDCRP)


RDCRP is the acronym for Research Data Conservation and Retention Program. RDCRP publishes conference proceedings and archive it permanently on IJESET and mirror server systems. The Research data is made available to the international scientific communities for reference and citation. The Research data is also indexed with prestigious indices such as Google scholar, CiteSeerX, WorldCat, Global Education Index, Getcited, NewJour, PennState University Library et al. RDCRP also provides recognition and endorsement to the conserved research data internationally.

Submitting Dissertation and Thesis for RDCRP
Any author can submit their original, dissertations and thesis to be considered for RDCRP program of IJESET. Dissertations and thesis in the field of Engineering and Technology, at the following levels are welcome for submission:


B. Tech, B. Sc.,


M. Tech, M. Sc.,


Ph.D or D. Sc.

General Information

· Authors must submit their final dissertations or thesis. Submissions can be done through our online submission form
· Submitted dissertations or theses to IJESET must already have been approved by a research committee or by the affiliated


· Submission is open throughout the year. Authors can submit their dissertations or theses at any time convenient to them for possible

publication in IJESET-RDCRP.

· Submission can also be sent to submission@ijeset.com.
· Acceptance notification period will vary based on complexity of area and level of study (normally 2-4 weeks).
· A single accepted dissertation / thesis would be charged a publication fee of US$ 100/INR 5000.
· Authors have full right to decide either to publish Full-Text or Summaries/Abstracts only of their respective dissertation or thesis.
· All published dissertations and theses will be indexed in IJESET regular indexing sites and publication will be online only.
· Once published, a dissertation and thesis can be cited or referenced and will receive the same Journal's prestige as all other

publications of the journal.

· Authors will retain the complete copyright of their respective dissertations and thesis.

Submitting Conference Proceedings for RDCRP

The conference organizers willing to participate in the RDCRP program need to provide the DOC/DOCX versions of the papers that were submitted in their conference. The organizers should email their interest to editor@ijeset.com. The conference organizer should ensure that he has not transferred the copyright to any publisher; RDCRP cannot publish the full text of such submitted papers. In this case, RDCRP will only publish the abstracts and provide a link to the readers to the full text of the paper.
All the Research data submitted to RDCRP will be indexed with the prestigious indexes like Google scholar, CiteSeerX, WorldCat, Global Education Index, Getcited, NewJour, PennState University Library et al.

Benefits of RDCRP

· The research will be available to the millions of the researchers working on similar fields.
· The citation of each paper will increase due to exposure to the millions of researchers globally.
· The paper will indexed with prestigious indexes such as Google scholar, CiteSeerX, WorldCat, Global Education Index, Getcited,

NewJour, PennState University Library, Georgetown University Library et. al.

· Submitted Research Data is recognized and endorsed by International Association for Engineering and Technology and IJESET


For any query, please feel free to contact the editorial board of IJESET at

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